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OutputGL Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addToLineStrip (sgVec2 p)
virtual void beginLineStrip ()
virtual void clear (const float *rgb)
virtual void closeFragment ()
virtual void closeOutput ()
virtual void drawCircle (sgVec2 p, int radius)
virtual void drawLine (sgVec2 p1, sgVec2 p2)
virtual void drawQuad (const sgVec2 *p, const sgVec3 *normals)
virtual void drawQuad (const sgVec2 *p, const sgVec3 *normals, const sgVec4 *color)
virtual void drawText (sgVec2 p, char *text)
virtual void drawTriangle (const sgVec2 *p, const sgVec3 *normals)
virtual void drawTriangle (const sgVec2 *p, const sgVec3 *normals, const sgVec4 *color)
virtual void endLineStrip ()
virtual bool getShade ()
int getSize ()
bool isOpen ()
virtual void openFragment (int x, int y, int size)
 OutputGL (char *filename, int size, bool smooth_shading, bool useTexturedFont, char *fontname, bool jpg=false, int q=75, int r=1)
virtual void setColor (const float *rgb)
virtual void setLightVector (sgVec3 light)
virtual void setShade (bool shade)

Protected Types

enum  { SUBDIVISIONS = 18 }

Protected Attributes

static float circle_y [SUBDIVISIONS]
char * filename
fntTexFont * font
int fragment_size
puFont * glutFont
GLubyte * image
bool jpeg
int jpeg_quality
sgVec4 light_vector
bool open
int posx
int posy
int rescale
bool shade
int size
fntRenderer textRenderer
bool useTexturedFont

Static Protected Attributes

static const float BRIGHTNESS = 0.6f
static float circle_x [SUBDIVISIONS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file OutputGL.hxx.

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